About Us

[Corporate history]

Founded in June 1994 (in Melbourne)

Incorporated in May 1997 (in Nagoya)



Representative director: Hiroshi Okumura (MBA, Management consultant registered with the Minister of economy, trade and industry)

Auditor: Yasuhiro Yamada (SE)

[Company mottos]

1. Ensure thoroughness

2. Be a professional

3. Aspirations and a mind of gratitude



We will assist businesses and individuals around the world in their global activities as a truly global translation firm.



1. To enhance trust in the translation industry.

2. To extend extensive support chiefly to small- or medium-size enterprises advancing into overseas countries or doing international trade.
[President's profile]

Graduated from the Commercial Department of Waseda University

Obtained MBA from Monash University

Management consultant registered with the Minister of economy, trade and industry


He started translation business while he was studying at Monash University. He had his forte in English-to-Japanese translation in the marketing area, and this has not been changed yet. Some English text using enchanting rhetoric can end up in an awkward Japanese translation not appealing to customers, if translated straightforwardly. He knows how to translate (or sometimes recompose) marketing documents into convincing Japanese translations acceptable in the Japanese market, which is appreciated by many of our customers.


After incorporation, we have performed numerous translation jobs, especially in the technical areas, obtaining assistance from a number of excellent translators.

We hope to make full utilization of our experience and know-how accumulated in our 18 years of service since the foundation by dealing directly with overseas customers.   



Listed below are some of our works.

1. Multilingual translation
Japanese -> Laotian, Dari, Pashto, Persian
Subject: Civil engineering
2. Trade-related translation
Japanese <-> English
Subject: Agreement, technical document
3. Official document translation
Japanese <-> English, French, Portuguese
Subject: Family register, resident card, company register
4. Instruction manual translation 
*TRADOS is available for use
Swedish -> 12 languages
Subject: Automobile service manual

Client's comment

“Hiroshi really was honest from the beginning. 
I have had various experiences with different translators but he went beyond the norm and gave me some solid advice on the process. For example, people need to understand that a direct translation never works beyond technical manuals, you need to ensure that the translator and editor have the creative influence to engage your message locally. What you want to say in your market, or what you think you want to say in Japan, may not be the correct approach and probably won't be from my experience. Japan is different. Let go of what you think they want to hear and let the professionals help you craft your message. Hiroshi and MTC understood what I wanted to say and how I could say it in Japanese without giving up my. I look forward to using MTC again, hopefully sooner rather than later! 

Thank you MTC and Hiroshi! 
Mr. C

December 4, 2010

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株式会社 MTC




電話 052-678-7378
FAX 052-678-6372
Email  info@mtcgo.co.jp





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