[Order placement & payment]




Please send a document by e-mail. If received during our office hours in Japan, we will send you back an estimate within 20 minutes. If received after our office hours, an estimate will be sent back by 10:00 on the following morning Japan time.

In making a request for quotation, please advise us of the following particulars: 


1) Your name          

2) Corporate name or organization name

3) Address

4) e-mail address

5) Phone number

6) Facsimile number

7) Language to translate into (e.g. translation from Japanese to English)

8) The contents of a document / document type

9) Desired delivery date

10) Desired delivery means (e-mail / mail / courier service (freight collect) / facsimile)




Please make a payment by Bank transfer.

The details of our bank account will be written on our Quote.


We ask an advance payment in principle, but please feel free to consult with us, if you prefer a different arrangment.



Translation work


Translation is performed by an experienced translator familiar with the specific translation area and checked by our experienced editor. If for some instance we ask the customer for additional information during the translation or checking process, please extend your cooperation.




We deliver a translation by e-mail in principle. If you prefer a different form of delivery, please specify when you plance an order.

* Please note that we adopt a minimum fee system.





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